Fleur d'ail - Pot de 190 ml
Fleur d'ail - Pot de 750 ml
Fleur d'ail - Pot de 2kg
Fermented Garlic Flowers, A Unique seasoning that enhances any dish, No Garlic Breath, Very easy to digest, Milder than garlic, So tasty, a little goes a long way!

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Fermented garlic flowers: a creation born from research and innovation

Garlic flowers fermented in oil is a truly unique product, with no equivalent on the market. In addition to giving garlic flowers an incomparable taste, fermentation does away with the need to use preservatives.

Our garlic flower product has no added sugar or salt. It contains no allergens, cholesterol, gluten or lactose.

The fermentation process is the same as the one used in making sauerkraut. To know more about this process, please see our FAQ section. 


Refrigerate after opening. Up to two years under refrigeration.

What is the difference between organic and conventional garlic?

Organic garlic flowers are produced following the same process with 100% certified-organic ingredients. We use only organic first cold-pressed sunflower oil.

Certified Organic by Ecocert Canada ecocert


Garlic flowers are available year-round in over 1000 outlets in every region of Québec.

Organic : In the organic products section of supermarkets, in natural food stores and at Le Végétarien and Le Jardin Mobile greengrocers.

Conventional : In the produce section of many IGA, Loblaws, Métro and Provigo supermarkets, as well as in specialty groceries, gourmet shops, butcher shops, cheese shops, greengrocers, etc.

If your favourite store does not carry Le Petit Mas Garlic Flowers, please ask the manager.

Our fermented garlic flowers are also available in 750 ml and 2 kg formats for restaurant owners, cooks, food transformers and big consumers!

Contact us for the store nearest you or to find a distributor.

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